Lonely without you

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Poems

I raise a glass to toast
But I find no one besides me
I seek a few smiles when I share happiness
But I only see staring eyes
I shed some pain by singing a song
And all I hear are laughs ridiculing me
Tears drip taking a piece of me each time
No one I find who place my head over their chest
No one I find who places their hands on my cheeks

A mile is yet to be covered
A journey all alone

Each day when I close my eyes to sleep
I feel I have come closer to you
Each moment descending all hopes
Descending reasons to breathe
Each day makes me realise you were the most special gift to me from God
The gift that I am ready to take back as each day passes by


You and I

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Poems

When sweet words jump out of your mouth
Let my poems be the bed where it will rest forever

When my poems come to life on the pages
Let your eyes be the first one to see them

If the journey of a tear drop starts from your eyes
Let my fingers be its destination

When the destinations in your life nears an end
Let me open new gates for you

When you flip the pages of your tearing life
You will find me in each page

When we assimilate the pages of our life
Let us be together to write its last chapter


Posted: March 11, 2014 in Movie Reviews

An innocent girl, unexposed, belonging to an upper middle class conservative family, dressed up like a typical ‘behenji’ but brave. I am awed by Rani or should I call her ‘Queen’.

Deeply hurt by a broken marriage that was due, decides to go for her honeymoon alone. Her first step towards fulfilling her dream. Dream of travelling to Paris, her fav destination. Here starts the journey which will show her a world so different, so bold, so confident. Each day in her journey is a chapter which unravels a new level of confidence and bravery in herself.

Life has so many things to show us. If it takes away something, it gives something back to. Queen shows us how to live. It tells us to believe in our instincts.

Rani lives through those moments of her life which she knows she wont be able to when she gets back home. A life where women chooses to have fun with anyone, anytime. A life where having a child without marriage is no sin. Where living with three unkown men in a room doesn’t raise eye brows. Though she is scared whike experiencing all this, she lives through it with great gusto. She is not alone at any step even if she believes she is. We are never alone in our lives until we intend to be one.

She proves herself that she can achieve everything that she ever dreamt of without seeking permission from anyone and without getting demotivated at each step whether whether it is just driving a car or doing her own business even if it were selling ‘gol gappas’ on the streets of  Amsterdam.  She does it with great confidence.

And when she is back home, a new confident Rani with nothing to hide and no fear in her eyes gives back the engagement ring to the idiot who saw Rani’s simplicity and innocense as a downmarket behaviour.

Baby, love you, cuty pie etc etc. Everyday same old words which gets exchanged over whatsapp. 1or 2 calls maybe for 5 mins or maybe for 10 out of which 75 percent of times there is just silence.  Office talks bores us and on many ocassions makes the conversation rather irritating. It makes the conversation an exchange of frustrations.

What do we talk? I am sure even she must be always wondering this.  What do people talk. I think its an art which we are not good at. Is there a consultant who can help us? I have seen innumerable married couples sitting in a restaurant hidden between the menu. Later they start staring down thinking something or just observe the ambience and finally open their mouths only to order. But this is an issue with the married couples. We arent married! What will do after marriage?

But maybe this issue is not an issue at all! I have read and heard this many times, “Talks can resolve the biggest issues”. But I have also started believing now that sometimes talks can create biggest issues too. It just depends on you, your attitude and your maturity.

I have started believing now that this silence between us has filled up all those gaps which could have been today for all those arguements and fights. This silence is like an angel in disguise. And specially because in our situation this silence has made us more close. We now talk, feel and respond with the help of our silence.

Silence makes us use the most powerful tool to maintain a good communication and relation and that is gestures and expressions. Making someone feel the world in their eyes and in their arms without a single word. A talk which is pure without any mixture.

All good things come with a caution and same goes for gestures and expressions too!

A thought!

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Do what you love
To love what you do!

What I long for

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Poems

I slowly open my sleepy eyes
Rub them to capture some light
Dim lights drag me to my dailys
Ready I am to perform what I should

A splash of gold on the canvas above
A push of warmth in the midst of cold
Each day I seek with hopes so bleak
But in the end a burn is what I feel

I long to hear the nature’s melody
And what I hear is just the noise of a long silence

I feel I am a time traveller
I reach the snows I reach the lush green
But then I slip on the lawn to find it was all a dream

The day is about to end
And the list of things that I long for keeps adding
But when my sleepy eyes open the next day
And I again long for a splash of gold on the canvas above

A life of thousand dreams

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Poems

A life of thousand dreams
A layer of sweat underneath
A life of thousand sleeps
A layer of new mornings underneath

A journey of many hopes
A layer of luck beneath
A journey of many wishes
Many opportunities passby

A walk with many smiles
Few paths which show more
A safron bed of desire
A spread of sand that pulls you down a little each time

A piece of achievement
A layer of unfulfilled ambitions
A mesh of chains
An innocent surrender

A life of many lives
A sky of moments you want to captivate
A life of many lives
Sometimes you just let go